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Automated Test Equipment

Automated test equipment, commonly abbreviated as ATE, is essential for testing your equipment, measuring its functionality, and evaluating the results. Gone are the days of manual testing. With automated test equipment, the diagnostic process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency, allowing for multiple tests to occur simultaneously to rapidly pinpoint any issues transpiring within your machinery.

ATE essentially encompasses any equipment utilized to test a mechanism. Other standard abbreviations associated with ATE are as follows:

  • DUT: Device under test
  • EUT: Equipment under test
  • UUT: Unit under test

A DUT, EUT, or UUT could be anything, ranging from a small electronic device to a massive piece of semiconductor equipment.

Some automated test equipment is simpler than others, in one sense of the word. For instance, a volt-ohm meter looks at the voltage of a PC and assesses basic functions. On the other end of the spectrum, automated test equipment designed to assess the front end semiconductor process might be far more complex and layered. But while the system might be more complex, the process is not. With highly advanced systems, ATEs can run simultaneous tests rapidly and efficiently, detecting, reporting, and analyzing the device’s functionality automatically. Automated test equipment is also used frequently to assess PCBs and circuits as they are being manufactured.

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