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Pumps, Chillers and Power Supplies

When you purchase used industrial equipment, your shopping list probably contains a few specifications. Any time you make a major equipment purchase, you should be able to expect a quality product for a competitive price with a stellar user experience.

At LEL Tech, you get all three of those components. We buy and sell top-notch used equipment and work with customers to help get them the best products for their unique equipment needs. And if you’re looking to sell your industrial critical or semi equipment, you get unmatched service and competitive pricing.

Whatever field you’re in, take a look around. We could have just the industrial equipment you need. If you’re in the market for pumps, chillers, or power supplies, read on for a quick overview and see why you should buy and sell with LEL Tech.

Industrial pumps are simple to understand: they basically work to pump fluids through an industrial system. With a variety of designs, applications, and functions, industrial pumping equipment is versatile and can be used in a number of professions.

So whether you’re in the medical, car, or energy industry, you might rely on industrial pumps. Here are some fast facts on pumps:

Industrial pumps push liquids like water, slurries (thin, syrupy chemical mixtures composed of ground liquids and solids), and waste, through machinery.
These contents are moved throughout their respective systems by three primary methods: displacement, direct lift, and gravity pumps.
Industrial pumps operate on an impeller, which is a rotor that puts pressure on the liquid to propel it through the system.
You may hear the terms single stage pump or multi-stage pump, which simply refers to the number of impellers present.

Our pumps are competitively priced and could potentially be placed in your work site in as little as a week.
Industrial chillers are another popular product we sell at LEL Tech. Chillers essentially absorb or compress the heat from the liquid within a system. Then that liquid is transformed to cool down the equipment in one of a few ways, based on the particular chiller used.

The cooling process emits waste heat, which is later reused for heating. Let’s look at a few key industries that rely on chillers to cool their machinery:

Cement manufacturing
Chemical engineering
Food processing
Heating and cooling industry
Plastic industries
Power plants
X-ray diffraction

In addition to the uses above, chillers cool lasers, MRI machines, and other laboratory equipment that puts out high amounts of heat. Chillers are an excellent technologically advanced solution to cooling your equipment. Check out our inventory of chillers to see if we have a machine for you.
LEL Tech also sells used power supply equipment at reasonable prices. Power supplies are pieces of equipment which transform electrical currents into the frequency or voltage needed to power the equipment.

In addition to transforming electric power, power supplies can also convert from chemical, mechanical, or solar power. Power supplies fuel a variety of equipment, from your personal desktop all the way to massive machinery.

Power supply equipment comes in several shapes and forms, depending upon the following factors:

What the initial power source is
Where it is being transferred from
How it is being converted

Let’s look at a recent LEL Tech sale for example: the Teledyne Philbrick P-294 Power Supply. WIth a long earned reputation for research and innovation, Teledyne and Philbrick Researches merged to create some impressive power supply equipment in the 20th century.

This particular PR-300 series Philbrick is described by the company as a compound regulated dual power supply with amplifiers made of etched circuits on a glass epoxy board with silicon semiconductors throughout the unit. The P-294 also utilizes a classical series regulator scheme operated by a comparison amplifier that perceives voltage changes and regulates the power output accordingly using an equation to control the system and requiring very little maintenance.

It is just one of the semi equipment pieces featured on LEL Tech’s website that can (literally) power your business today. And if you’re looking to sell your power supply, you can contact us today for an on site evaluation and prospective offer on your power equipment.
Power supplies, chillers, and pumps are critical to the success of countless businesses across a whole host of industries. Whether your medical company provides diagnostic testing and needs a chiller for your X-ray machine or you’re in the car industry and in need of a pump, give LEL Tech a try.

Rather than paying wholesale price for a new piece of equipment, you can save money by purchasing a competitively priced used piece of equipment from LEL Tech. Our inventory is versatile, and we acquire new machinery on a regular basis. With LEL Tech, you get high-caliber products, reasonable prices, and a streamlined sales process, whether you are buying or selling.

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