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$3,000,000. The Total LEL Critical Saved Their Client

LEL Critical

A client, located in Texas, reached out to purchase several natural gas generators for their facility. After reviewing their building load plan, we conveyed the limitations of the initial load capabilities of the units they originally inquired about. Further conversations revealed that they needed generators best suited for critical power.

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LEL Critical Case Study - CAT 2000 kW 3516C - 1

The Challenge

The client was in a situation where they were already feeling the project’s timeline pressures and they needed guidance to ensure the equipment installed would meet multiple needs. From the start we were up against tight project deadlines, set budgets, building load needs and company-set emission standards.

LEL Critical Case Study - CAT 2000 kW 3516C - 2

The Solution

After thoroughly understanding all needs, we moved forward with the installation of new diesel generators. In this situation, diesel generators were best suited for several factors with the primary focus being their initial startup capabilities.

LEL Critical Case Study - CAT 2000 kW 3516C - 3

The Results

In total, we assisted with the placement of 8MW in standby power spread across multiple diesel generators. Not only were the generators placed within the original project timeline, but they met the company-set carbon footprint standards due to their low emission ratings.

Our solutions were able to provide cost savings from multiple fronts.

  • Long-term savings by advising against natural gas generators that had insufficient operating capabilities.
  • Generator unit costs given less diesel generators were needed compared to the originally sought-after number of natural gas generators.
  • Saved on infrastructure costs that would have been needed for the supply of natural gas.

Overall project costs were less than the initially agreed upon starting price.



Critical standby power installed



Diesel generator models installed



Lead time with sound enclosure fabrication


Total savings achieved

Sam Miller

President of Power Generation, LEL Critical

We enjoyed the previous projects we have had with this client and were excited to take on this larger opportunity they were entrusting us with. We could not have asked for a better partnership as we were able to complete the project on time and under budget. A direct result of our value set on the relationship, and not the transaction.

$3,000,000. The Total LEL Critical Saved Their Client