What does a cooling tower do & what are they used for?

Cooling towers are heat rejection devices that reject heat to the atmosphere through cooling water to a lower temperature. The image below shows how a cross flow tower works. There are many different types of cooling towers and many different applications. There are concrete cooling towers, wooden field erected towers, and packaged towers. Some applications that cooling towers are used for is cooling water at chemical plants, power plants, manufacturing plants, and for HVAC in buildings.

What a Cooling Tower Does & How It Works
Cooling Tower Cooling Process

(By Crossflow_diagram.PNG: en:User:Edreher (Diagram drawn by Eric Dreher with MSpaint)derivative work: Zerodamage - This file was derived from: Crossflow diagram.PNG: , CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

When used in an HVAC application the cooling tower is used to dispose of heat from a water cooled chiller. Hospitals, schools, sporting arenas, and large office buildings are some examples of the type of places where cooling towers are used to provide air conditioning.

When used in an industrial application cooling towers are used to remove heat from machinery or other material. Without cooling towers it would take an extremely large continuous amount of water coming from a lake, river, or ocean. The hot water would have to continuously be returned to that body of water as for it to cool back down. The high temperature water going back into an ecosystem can cause major environmental issues.

In 2015, LEL Critical removed 24 cooling towers from a power plant that shut down. Those towers were being utilized to cool water down before being discharged into a river to prevent killing fish.

LEL Critical Specializes in packaged cooling towers from 30 ton to 3000 ton. The main brands we deal with are Marley, Baltimore Aircoil Company, and Evapco. Many of our towers are refurbished and all have been through our rigorous inspection process. Browse our online cooling tower inventory.

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