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When you purchase a pre-owned, refurbished boiler from our inventory, you can be sure that it has been fully inspected and approved by our professional reconditioning team. Any boiler that goes through the reconditioning process results in a like-new piece of equipment in both looks and performance.


  • Detailed inspection by our professional team
  • Identify any missing components
  • Assess the condition of all internal components
  • Test all electrical components

Replacement & Repairs

  • Replace any missing components
  • Replace internal components if necessary
  • Valves
  • Controls (with one-year parts warranty)
  • Electrical Components
  • Burner
  • Gas Train
  • Tubes
  • Insulation and jacketing


  • Thoroughly clean the boiler inside and out
  • Sand and smooth
  • Paint the outside of the boiler


  • Hydro test (with report)
  • Test fire
  • Electrical system tests
  • Mechanical valves

All units are reconditioned to pass emission standards and ensure optimal safety.

Boilers are a critical element of your operation. A reconditioned boiler can not only help you save on initial costs, but with routine maintenance it can lead to long-term savings as well.

Please contact us for more information about our Boiler Reconditioning Process or to find a used boiler that meets your company’s needs

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