At LEL International, we make sure that you have a wide variety of used industrial chillers for sale so that you can find the one that best meets your needs. Our HVAC chiller can deliver the right temperature, humidity and ventilation for structures of any size or nature. Whether you are looking for heat management or cooling, our used chillers are efficient, high quality and affordable. Our equipment has been checked out and prepared for resale to give your facility quality service for a dramatically reduced price tag.

Chillers play a wide variety of critical roles in industrial processes. They are used in food processing, chemical processing, and metalworking, as well as many other applications that require cooled air. They are also integral components of large industrial and commercial air conditioning systems. Almost all commercial buildings and industrial plants utilize some kind of chiller for their daily operations. At LEL International, we understand that when it comes to your facility, you need a chiller that will run smoothly, efficiently, and economically for the long run.

At LEL International, we approach every business transaction with honesty and integrity. The client always comes first, and our trained professionals strive to help you find the chiller with the capacity, power and price tag to fit your needs. We stand by our motto: “Doing business the right way.” Contact us today @ 864.249.0943 for more information about our chillers and other used industrial equipment.

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