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Inspection Report: 09/12/18

Carrier Chiller

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Chiller has been setting with no power from May of 2018 it had been running up until then .

MACHINE HRS=44742. STR =5533

COMP. A. HRS=17219. STR = 14992

COMP. B. HRS=35663. STR = 3181

COMP. C. HRS=32924. STR = 4201

1. Fin’s seem to be in good shape, no hail, or rain damage.

2. Coils are dirty and need to be cleaned.

3. Electrical panels seem to have the factory installed contacts. Nothing has been replaced. Still has factory labels

4. Unit is connected to chilled water piping & electrical power wiring & control wiring in the chiller. (James Randall) said that the unit had been winterized . Chiller valves are closed outside.

5. None of the refrigerant services valves are closed

6. The static refrigerant pressure today on all three circuit was 75#

7. From what I could see there is no freeze damage.

8. There are a couple of wet spots on the condenser coil but hard to tell if very small leak or just moisture from rain and being held in by dirt in the coils. At discharge service valves & @ one of the oil cooler Circuit A

9. All the condenser fans are free spinning and look good

10. All the electrical connections are tight no burnt wiring.

11. All the panels are in place

12. Condenser fan vfd’s A&C cover are off

13. There actuator laying on top of each compressor housing.

14. Megged each compressor- readings look ok

15. Overall the chiller appears to be in good shape and not have any major issues.

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