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Perfect Harmony


1. System part number is A5E03491636, A5E03491637, A5E03791638, A5E03491639.

2. Ratings: 3300' ASl, 40 degrees Celsius Max ambient

Input: 416vac, +10%, -5%, 90Hz, 75.10A RMS

Output: 0-4160V, 0-60Hz, 100A RMS

Control: 450/480V-120V, 60Hz 5A

Estimated Losses: 18KW

Enclosure type: Nema 1 ventilated

Enclosure color: ANSI No. 61 gray textured

Weight: Estimated at 6694.0 lbs [3039 kgs]

3. Connections:

Input Power: Input bus (L1,L2,L3) .41 Dia. holes on copper bus pads. see sheet 2 for details

Output Power: Output bus (T1,T2,T3) .41 Dia. holes on copper bus pads, see sheet 2 for details

Control Power: pressure screw terminals for #22 - #BAWG wire


1) Nema Type 1, 11 gauge, solid weld construction, welds and seams ground smooth, on a 4\" channel base.

2) Finish coat is A.N.S.I. 61, light gray, paint.

3) Removable bottom lifting plates.

4) Concealed hinge, loose joint pin.

5) Manufacturer's data plate (contains information listed under system rating), non-corrosive, permantnly stamped and aattached to enclosure.

6) Door stops hold doors in 110angle, open position.

7) Ground bus, full length, continuous, 1/4\" x 2\" silver plated copper.

8)Bus bar, silver plated copper, free of sharp edges or burrs

9) Signs and/or labels: \"Danger, keep out, high voltage\" label located on exterior doors

System Ratings:

Nominal system voltage: 4.16 kV

Maximum design voltage: 4.76 kV

Basic Insulation level: 60 kV BIL

Continuous current: 600 amp

Short circuit breaking current (breaker): 40KA RMS

Short circuit making current (breaker):104KA PEAK

Approximate weight:1600 lbs.

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