The bulk of our business involves boilers, cooling towers, chillers, and other standard equipment that most industrial processes and commercial facilities depend on. However, we are also well aware of the fact that data centers, specialty manufacturing, and other facilities often need to replace unusual units that are difficult to find. We have several of these less commonly found units on hand at any given time, and our network of connections across the United States and internationally allow us to find many more that are available for resale. Here are a few of the many specialized units we sell:

Heat Exchangers

It can be extremely difficult to replace a heat exchanger with a new unit, particularly if your facility’s existing equipment fails at a time when your budget is not prepared to handle the expense. We are ready to show you the equipment we have on hand or help you locate a used heat exchanger that you can buy, transport, and quickly install to keep your facility running normally.

Air Dryers and Handlers

If your industrial process relies on precisely controlled air quality, it cannot function properly with air dryers or handlers that are unreliable due to age or damage. Instead of placing your product at risk while you wait to buy a new unit, ask us about your pre-owned options.

Technological Solutions

A data center or telecom facility has many equipment needs that are unique to the advanced technology industry. This specialized equipment is often extremely high cost, but used units are available at foreclosed, sold, and upgrading facilities all over the country at huge discounts. Before you spend full price on new equipment, call us to see how much a pre-owned purchase can save you.

Whether we are selling standard HVAC components or specialty data center units, we put honesty and integrity first during every sale. We want you to thoroughly inspect each used item before paying for it, and we give you all the information you need to make a responsible, money-saving decision for your facility.

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