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Shopping for oil and gas equipment? If so, you can save money on great previously-owned equipment by purchasing your next piece of machinery from LEL. At LEL, we value our customers’ unique needs and work relentlessly to provide a wonderful customer experience, fair prices, and quick, safe delivery and removal services.

Our inventory of equipment has been tested, and in some cases, refurbished at the direction of our team of skilled experts. Keep reading to learn more about our stock of oil and gas equipment, how it functions, and why you should carry out your equipment transactions with LEL.

Buying Oil and Gas Equipment from LEL

Oil and gas covers a wide net of machinery, ranging from fuel handling equipment to diesel tanks to gas compressors. When it comes to purchasing oil and gas equipment, knowing your needs and understanding how the equipment functions are key.

Below is a list with functional definitions of some current inventory of oil and gas equipment and recent sales to give you an idea of the products LEL has to offer.

Ariel Gas Compressor

Gas compressors are pieces of equipment utilized to maximize a gas’s pressure. They achieve this increase by driving down the gas’s volume. In addition to impacting the gas’s volume, a compressor is capable of pressurizing and moving fluids through a given system.

Gas compressors fall into two key categories based on how they operate: Dynamic compressors and positive displacement compressors. The two main types of dynamic compressors are axial and centrifugal compressors, with the two main positive displacement compressors being reciprocating and rotary systems.

Let’s take a quick look at how each of those systems operates.

  • Axial: This dynamic compressor uses rotor blades which rotate like a fan to gradually compress the air in gas turbine engines and other large pieces of machinery.
  • Centrifugal: Used in chemical and natural gas plants, these systems use impellers to push the pressurized gas to the surface, converting velocity into pressure.
  • Reciprocating: A crankshaft powers pistons which compress the gas. Reciprocating compressors usually found in fields like the automotive industry.
  • Rotary: Rotary systems compress air using rotating helical screws to push air into a small space.

Ariel is a leading gas compressor manufacturer, with a large selection of reciprocating and process compressors.

Ariel Gas Compressor Booster

The booster’s job is simple: as its name implies, the booster strengthens the compressor’s ability to pressurize gas.

Fuel Handling Equipment

Here’s a look at a set of fuel handling equipment you can buy from LEL, with some specifications listed.

  • Conveyors
  • Overpile Drag Chain
  • 25 HP Motor
  • Shaft-mounted Gear Reducer
  • Boiler Drag Chain
  • 25 HP
  • 230/460 Volts
  • 284T Frame
  • 3 Phase
  • 60 Hz
  • 1765 RPM
  • Biofuel Truck Reclaimer
  • Reducer
  • Rexnord, Planet Gear 7000 Series, Titan Plus
  • Triple Reduction
  • 138.5:1 ratio
  • Scoop motor mount with space heater
  • Biofuel Dump Truck
  • Biofuel Pile Reclaimer
  • Diverter Gate
  • Biofuel Rejects Hog
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Bio Mass Reclaimer (2)
  • 75 HP Motor
  • 1800 RPM 365TC Frame
  • 480 V
  • 60 Hz

Heatec and Uniflex Hot Oil Heaters

Because of its viscosity, it can be difficult for oil to remain mobile in some temperatures, necessitating an oil heater. Heatec specializes in a number of oil heaters like the HCI 10010-50-D for sale at LEL. Uniflex is another leading manufacturer of hot oil heaters, whose products we resell at LEL.

Which type of heater your purchase depends upon the specific needs for your machinery, the viscosity of the fluids within it, potential contaminants, and the machine’s pour point.

Used Propane Tanks

Propane tanks are vital to everyday functions in countless industries. When you purchase propane tanks, you need to consider the amount of available area at your job site as well as how much propane is needed for your operation.

Buying or selling a used propane tank from LEL ensures quality customer service and fair prices.

York Frick Screw Compressor Package

Screw compression works differently than other compression systems, with two rotors moving in opposite directions to compress the air between them. These compressors come in two forms: oil-free and oil-injected, the latter of which inserts oil to assist the compression process.

Fuel Tanks

Hoover Vault produces tanks which contain liquids that are either combustible or flammable. These containment tanks meet fire code standards, and because they are crafted with fireproof material, the inner tank itself is protected, so the tank can be monitored and tested for issues like leaks and pressure problems.

Below are two examples from our inventory of fuel tanks:

  • 8000 gallon Hoover Vault Tank- Diesel
  • 15000 gallon Fuel Tank Envirovault by Phoenix Products EV-15000

Bottom Line

Get the experience you deserve with your next equipment transaction. With our wide selection of critical and semi equipment, you could find just the piece of machinery you need at a price you can afford. And if you’re looking to sell, you can count on a fair deal with our qualified team. Contact us to buy or sell your pre-owned industrial equipment today!

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