The most common tanks that we buy and sell on a pre-owned basis are stainless steel vertical and propane (bullet) tanks. Our used stainless steel tanks are significantly lower in cost than brand new models, and as always, we invite you to inspect tanks thoroughly before buying and transporting them to your facility. For specific information about the tanks we currently have in stock, browse our catalog. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us—we often have used equipment deals in progress with industrial facilities across the country and may be able to find something to meet your needs at an excellent price.

When storing liquids or compressed gases, safety considerations demand that the tanks you use be structurally sound. Unfortunately, many facility managers assume this means purchasing brand new tanks at full price, when there are plenty of quality used on the market that can provide reliable service for many additional years. At LEL International, our goal is to make these pre-owned liquid and gas tanks available to facilities of all types at heavily discounted prices.

Our online catalog offers specifications, multiple photographs, and other details on each tank in our current stock. We can also help you locate used tanks to meet your specific needs, supplying your facility with liquid or gas storage units at extremely competitive prices. On average, our customers save 50-80 percent on the cost of tanks when buying them used instead of new. Our professional, friendly representatives are ready to talk with you more about the advantages of buying used tanks and other industrial equipment for installation at your facility.

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