Cooling Tower Reconditioning Program

LEL International is dedicated to offering a wide selection of top-notch industrial equipment at reasonable rates.

Our Cooling Tower Reconditioning Program is one of the ways we strive to provide high quality equipment.

Whenever you buy a used cooling tower from LEL International, you can trust that our team of experts has carefully inspected your unit and determined what upgrades and repairs need to be made to it.

Elements of the Cooling Tower Reconditioning Program:

  • Fill inspection: As can be expected, many of our newly acquired towers come with fill that has reached the end of its useful life. We test the unit’s efficiency to determine whether or not that is the case.
  • Fill removal: In instances where the fill has been determined to be unviable, we carefully remove the old fill and prepare for replacement.
  • Tower cleaning: The next step in the reconditioning program involves cleaning the tower to improve its appearance and operation.
  • Fill replacement: Once the old fill is removed and the tower is cleaned, our team inserts new fill sheets, completing the standard process.
  • Motor replacement: In some instances, the cooling tower motor is rusted out or inoperable. In those cases, our team can repair or replace them altogether.
  • Gearbox rebuilding: Along with replacing the motor, we are capable of rebuilding the gearbox if our reconditioning team sees fit to do so.
  • Re-paneling: After prolonged use, galvanzied towers tend to rust. When the corrosion is extensive, our team removes the old panels and replaces them with new stainless steel panels.

The before and after images below show just how much our reconditioning team is able to improve the look and functionality of our cooling towers.

With our reconditioned cooling towers, you get a like-new piece of equipment, inspected and enhanced from top to bottom.

Cooling towers are a vital piece of equipment to own. Save money today and in the years to come by purchasing a reconditioned cooling tower from LEL International.

And if you are looking to sell your company’s cooling towers, LEL will assess your equipment and offer you a fair rate.

If you’d like more information on our reconditioning program, our cooling units, or any of our other semi and critical equipment, contact us at 864-249-0943.

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