LEL Generator Enclosures

Standard Features That Matter


75 DBA at 23ft

Weather Protective

150 MPH wind rated

Fuel Tank

UL 142-Listed

Enclosure Standard Features

Internal silencers with flexible exhaust connectors and exhaust elbows.

  • Lifting mounts on tank
  • Aluminum construction hinged, removable doors for easy maintenance.
  • Lockable door latches.
  • Air inlet louvers to reduce rain and snow entry.
  • Sloped roof to reduce the buildup of moisture and debris.
  • Acoustic insulation that meets UL 94 HF1 flammability classification.
  • Sound level 1 enclosure is designed to 150 mph (241 kph) wind load rating.
  • Sound level 1 enclosure uses internal silencers, acoustic insulation and acoustic-lined air inlet hoods.

Subbase Fuel Tank Features

  • UL142-listed
  • Double wall secondary containment


  • NPT, Emergency tank vent
  • NPT, Rupture basin emergency vent
  • NPT, Normal tank vent
  • NPT, Manual fill with riser
  • NPT, Direct reading gauge
  • NPT, Engine supply, 1-¼” NPT full length dip tube
  • NPT, Engine return, 1-¼” NPT full length dip tube
  • NPT, Low fuel switch
  • NPT, Dual level switch
  • NPT, Rupture basin switch
  • NPT, Basin drain, plugged
  • NPT, Basin spare, customer use, plugged
  • NPT, Tank spare, customer use, plugged

Enclosure Features

  • Indoor LED Ceiling Lights
  • Indoor Emergency Lights
  • Receptacle, GFI
  • Wall Switches
  • Transformer
  • Lighting and Appliance Panel
  • Emergency Stop
  • Timer Switch
  • Battery Charger
  • Enclosure Heater
  • Fused Disconnect Switch
  • Smoke Detector
  • Jacket Water Heater

Technical Drawings

Beyond the build – Why LEL is a trusted partner for many

Core Values

Our core values are Love Everybody, Embrace the Challenge, and Leave It Better. This directs all aspects of our business to ensure we are positioning our clients for success.


Our team pulls from multiple areas of expertise for our design and builds, including Generator Technicians to ensure smooth maintenance, and Engineering that looks at what’s needed for our builds to withstand elements while being logically designed.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our clients are recognized leaders in their respective industries. These include, but are not limited to, data centers, power generation rentals, aerospace, healthcare, and hospitality.

Responsiveness and Accessibility

We understand that every minute counts, that’s why we structure our teams to be able to support your needs as they arise.


To ensure we can deliver builds to our standards, we are selective about the clients we work with as we value partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Continuous Product Improvement

We utilize client feedback to improve our builds continuously, seeking input from all levels who engage with our products.

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