LEL Loads a TON of Cooling Towers: 10,800 Tons to be Exact

LEL Loads a TON of Cooling Towers: 10,800 Tons to be Exact

May 9, 2017

An ethanol manufacturing company in Illinois contacted us recently needing new cooling towers because their existing ones had started to rust out. The company not only wanted to replace the old towers with new, high-quality towers, but they needed some extra capacity as well.

We sent them some photos of what we recommended, and they came down to look at the towers, our facility, and to meet us. The tour went well and they were pleased with the towers and said they felt that we would be a great partner for this project.

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They purchased a total of nine cooling towers (weighing 185,697 lbs.) with 10,800 tons of cooling capacity, and they needed them transported back to Illinois, 650 miles away from us. We knew that there would be a lot to coordinate with this project to make sure everything went smoothly so that the towers would be delivered on time.

We planned out the process well in advance, taking into consideration all the steps and people involved, including when each team would need to be in place for each step. We securely packaged up the accessories that went with the towers (handrails, ladders, valves, and fan shrouds) ahead of time, so they’d be ready for loading.

We hired a 250 ton crane, 11 trucks, and 6 riggers who were on site to facilitate the loading. Over a 3-day time period, we brought in the crane and the trucks in intervals, with each tower being loaded at the scheduled time to make sure no one was kept waiting. Karen Whitener, our Director of Logistics, coordinated this process, and said, “It was essential that we planned everything out in detail ahead of time. We were really happy that our work paid off and everything went according to plan.”

Blake McClimon who handled most of the client experience, oversaw the process and had this to say: “The entire project from start to finish went without a hitch, which we were really proud of. We had to make sure that everything was highly coordinated and organized to get each person in place when they needed to be, and make sure there were no obstacles or hang ups that would slow down the delivery.”

The client was very pleased and sent a follow up email saying, “Everything has been smooth on our end. Thank you for all of your hard work and support through this.”

If you’re considering replacing cooling towers or expanding your capacity, feel free to give us a call at 1.864.249.0943 to talk about your needs.

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