Modular Data Centers

Rethink Your Data Center

Traditional brick-and-mortar data center infrastructure is buckling under the demand for ever-increasing compute power. Brick-and-mortar data centers are challenged by costly real estate and construction, lengthy deployment timelines, and the need to adhere to strict energy efficiency compliance requirements. They are powered 24×7, overprovisioned, and underutilized. These capital intensive data centers incur a huge upfront capital investment and are seldom optimized for current or future IT, most are outdated before they are even fully populated. The monolithic data center is not designed to be deployed quickly enough to meet accelerating demands nor does it scale easily.


What does your business need from a data center?

Today’s enterprises need a data center that is right-sized and is neither over nor under provisioned. They need to be able to deploy their data center faster, at lower costs, and with greater energy efficiency. Rising energy costs and the need for regulatory compliance mean that energy efficiency is not only welcome but is becoming mandatory. Modular data center solutions are designed to operate with improved performance, efficiency and scale. This helps deliver greater dollar per watt savings, faster deployment times, and a smaller data center footprint when compared to legacy data centers. The ability to pay as you grow does away with the need to build more capacity than required, avoiding the need for overprovisioning your data center. Of course, you want all this quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar data center.

Modular Data Center
HP Eco Pod 240a
HP Eco Pod 240a
HP Eco Pod 240a

Introducing the world’s most efficient data center

The HP Performance Optimized Data Center 240a

The HP Performance Optimized Data Center (POD) 240a is a high-performance, energy-efficient, turnkey, and modular solution with integrated power, innovative cooling technology, and powerful management and monitoring systems.

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