LEL Decom Celebrates National Success in Data Center Decommissioning Services in First Quarter of 2017


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LEL Decom Celebrates National Success in Data Center Decommissioning Services in First Quarter of 2017

Duncan, SC (PR) March 20, 2017 - LEL International’s newly launched division, LEL Decom, celebrates much success and momentum as the first quarter of 2017 comes to a close. The addition of LEL Decom and its impressive roster of seasoned professionals has started off the year strong with several completed projects and closed contracts, reiterating LEL their reputation of unmatched quality and service.

LEL Decom tackled several data center decommissioning projects earlier this year with challenges that included a ten thousand square foot data center in Beltsville, Maryland with a power system intermingled with a neighboring school. Besides safely and efficiently dismantling the entire data center without interruptions to surrounding buildings, they also recycled thousands of pounds of diesel fuel and Freon, safely removed equipment assets for resale or recycling, and returned the space to usable office space for the incoming tenant. LEL Decom provides these decommissioning services with a guarantee of working with an experienced and professional team who value safety as a priority and are able to serve all industries while accommodating each of the customers’ specific projects and individual scopes of work.

The company also celebrates the recently awarded contract for the complete decommissioning of a former 10 megawatt T-Mobile site in Bothell, Washington which will begin in the coming weeks.

In addition to complete data center decommissioning, LEL offers an array of equipment services throughout the US, including asset recovery, quality equipment sales, material recycling, and equipment and site value estimation. Through these services, LEL continues to maximize the return for their customers within every industry.

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