Data Center Decommissioning and Restoration

LEL is one of the nation's leading providers of services ranging from decommissioning solutions to ensuring their customers receive maximum return on their initial infrastructure investments. With over a collective five decades of data center decommissioning and equipment sales, we've helped to solve decommissioning, restoration and infrastructure challenges within some of the largest companies in the nation.

Decommissioning and Asset Recovery expertise that goes far beyond the norm—lessening your risk, lowering your exposure, and providing value where you thought you had none.

In the current data center marketplace, consolidation and migration to co-location have created the need for qualified decommissioning and restoration experts. LEL Decom can offset some or all of the cost of your restoration or decommissioning project with the value of the infrastructure we remove and pass the savings on to you.

We Capture Value Where Others Can't

Our team has worked with the world's leading firms to recover millions of dollars in value for their assets - with an expertise unique to the industry.With over fifty years of combined experience, we are the nation 's leading experts in uncovering previously hidden opportunities to maximize the return on decommissioning projects. Our experience in data center decommissioning and asset recovery is unrivaled, and allows our team to surgically dissect each project and look past the obvious to find value where others can’t.

Our Process is Precise and Proven

Our team of veteran decommissioning specialists are keenly focused on ensuring the safe, efficient recovery of any equipment that has value. Our experience and expertise lets you be confident knowing that we've addressed all the risks that might otherwise undermine a successful decommissioning project.


A Well-Defined Process to Maximize Customer Return

Whether you need a UPS unit, chiller, or generator removed, or an entire data center decommissioned, our process ensures that your project is managed expertly, efficiently and with the utmost attention to safety, risk mitigation, and security. From pre-planning, permitting, and staging to close-out and certification, we provide complete tracking and documentation of your entire project in order to limit liability, assure full compliance, and deliver a flawlessly executed project.

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Our business is buying, selling and decommissioning but our foundation is people.

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Our approach is different. Relationship over transaction. We are committed to embracing the challenge until we have the best solution for you.

We are LEL.

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