LEL Decom Celebrates National Success and Growing Portfolio in Final Quarter of 2017

LEL Decom Celebrates National Success and Growing Portfolio in Final Quarter of 2017

October 23, 2017

LEL International’s Data Center Decommissioning Division, LEL Decom, celebrates much success and business growth heading into the final months of 2017. The addition of LEL Decom with its expanding and impressive roster of seasoned professionals has allowed simultaneous complex projects to take place all over the country, while also building a large portfolio of closed contracts to begin work in the fourth quarter and early 2018.

LEL Decom has completed data center decommissioning projects this year ranging from mid-size telecommunications site transfers to a full-scale decommissioning project on an over 300,000-square foot, 55 MW data center. As part of a dedicated focus to safely and efficiently dismantling all data centers, LEL recycled thousands of pounds of diesel fuel and Freon, safely removed hundreds of truckloads of equipment assets for resale or recycling, and restored the sites to functional office space for the incoming tenant.

LEL Decom provides these decommissioning services with an experienced and professional team who value safety and are able to serve all industries, accommodating any customers’ specific projects and scopes of work. Their reputation for unmatched quality and service is emphasized by their dedication to building authentic client relationships, addressing each project with an expertise unlike any other.

In addition to complete data center decommissioning, LEL offers an array of equipment services throughout the US, including asset recovery, quality equipment sales, material recycling, and equipment site and value estimation. Through these services, LEL continues to maximize the return for their customers within every industry.

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