We are Happy to Introduce Our Data Center Partnering Program!

We are Happy to Introduce Our Data Center Partnering Program!

January 17, 2016

We are happy to announce the launch of our Data Center Partnering Program (DCPP) meant to better accomplish data center decommissioning at sites across the United States. With the DCPP, LEL International comes alongside real estate agents, data center owners, and those assisting clients that are involved in the purchase and sale of properties used as data centers, increasing the financial feasibility of decommissioning the centers and benefiting both the agents and their clients.

Through the DCPP, our partners have access to LEL International’s experience in recycling, reselling, and repurposing equipment and infrastructure, finding value for items that otherwise may have been discarded at no profit. The DCPP’s detailed procedures for inspection, survey, analysis, and proposal are intended to reveal previously unnoticed opportunities for gaining value from equipment that is no longer needed at the decommissioned data center. Often, it is also possible to repurpose equipment at a company’s other locations instead of discarding it. Our representatives are experienced in minimizing costs and maximizing value during the decommissioning process.

LEL International intends that partnerships established through the DCPP last over the long term. There are opportunities for additional revenue sharing on projects, increasing the cost-effectiveness of choosing LEL International as a decommissioning partner even further.

With our full insurance coverage; impeccable safety record; and commitment to the protection of human workers, client property, and the environment, our partners can count on the highest possible level of service when they partner with the company by way of the DCPP. Every project begins with extensive safety surveys, scope of work reports, and communication with any local service providers that will be affected by changes in power, water, natural gas, and other utilities.

Professionals interested in learning more about the DCPP and our other industrial equipment services can explore the rest of our website, or reach out to one of our offices by phone or email.

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