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Branson Thermal X Heat Staker

Tech Equipment

Branson Thermal X Heat Staker

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Branson Thermal X Heat Staking Machine

Model: TPM 401 (Thermal Processor Model 401)

Quiet Operations

Does Not Produce Metal Flakes or Chips

Automation Direct 205 PLC

Automation Direct 6″ Operator Interface Touch Screen

Temperature Control Monitoring & Alarm

On/Off Ramp & Soak, Post Cooling & Shuttle Control

Contactless Opti-Touch with Two Hand Anti-Tie-Down

23.5″ Maximum Working Height Without Upper & Lowering Tooling

Macro & Micro Adjustment for Platen Height

Resettable Shift/Parts Counter & Life Cycle Counter

Dual Speed Downward Traverse

Rapid Traverse Down Flow Control

Slow Traverse Down Flow Control

Traverse Up From Control

Pressure Regulator

Gauge & Filter

Air Dump Valve with Lock-Out/Tag-Out

Power:230V 20A 60Hz

Machine Dimensions (Not Including Casing): 36″ x 36″ x 51″

Approximately 650 lbs.

Condition: /Offline

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