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ZEISS O-INSPECT 322 Multisensor CMM with CALYPSO

Tech Equipment

ZEISS O-INSPECT 322 Multisensor CMM with CALYPSO

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Measuring range: X = 300 mm, Y = 200 mm, Z = 200 mm

Linear measuring tolerance as per ISO 10360-2:2009

with VAST XXT:

MPE_E0 X/Y (1D) = (1,6 + L/200)μm

MPE_E0 XY (2D) = (1,9 + L/150)μm

MPE_E0 (3D) = (2,4 + L/150)μm,

Single stylus form error acc. ISO 10360-5:2010

MPE_PFTU = 2,4μm

Scanning form error as per ISO 10360-4:2000 with VAST XXT:

MPE_THP = 2,7 μm

MPT tau in 55 s

Linear measuring tolerance as per ISO 10360-7:2011

for Discovery zoom lens:

MPE_EB X/Y (1D) (OT) = (1,6 + L/200)μm

MPE_EB XY (2D) (OT) = (1,9 + L/150)μm

Admissible temperature range for specifications 18-22°C

Machine features, equipment:

– Microscopy body with movable cross table

– Table height approx. 300 mm

– Path measuring system with 0.2μm resolution

– Integrated vibration damping

– Integrated PC-based scanning control (ISC),

for Discovery Zoom Sensor optical camera system

and VAST XXT TL1 tactile scanning probe

– XXT stylus storage rack for O-I 322

3 storage locations for XXT TL1 storage adapter

with mount for O-I 322

– CCD camera integrated in measuring machine

– Discovery zoom lens, 12x

– 8-sector ring light, with high-power LEDs in dual color


– Mini-ring light (red/blue)

– Coaxial incident-light system (red/blue) for zoom lens

– Integrated transmitted-light system

– Numerical control panel, standard with movable support

– Software license for Calypso basic package + Calypso curve

– Calibration sphere, 25 mm diameter

– Calibration ring, 16 mm diameter

– Reference template for Discovery Zoom

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