Torsional Ultrasonic Welders

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Torsional Ultrasonic Welders


Overall dimensions: 1500x1100x2100mm (LxWxH)

Automated welding process

manual handling process

single BC infeed/outfeed, directly into/from nest

manual clip infeed

*operator feeds in 2 clips

*clips get clamped/aligned

15 second welding process time

Total cycle time with manual clip infeed = 47 seconds

Welded steel base frame

The welding of the aluminum clips was optimized for reaching a very high welding strength (150 N pull test) while achieving a cosmetically very good weld spot (almost invisible after anodizing) on the outside.

Clip size :

· leg length roughly 5 mm each leg

· width around 5 mm

· thickness typically 0.6 mm

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