How the LEL Tech Team Connects Customers With In-Demand Equipment They Can Depend On

LEL Tech, LEL Internationals division of semiconductor processing and PCB/SMT manufacturing equipment, is tasked with a tough job: sourcing in-demand equipment, ensuring it’s in top condition, and delivering it safely to customers. This week, we sat down with Jake Donovan, head of this division, and asked him to share exactly how they do it.

It Starts With the Customer

LEL has customer-focused processes across the entire company, and LEL Semi is no exception. We work with a wide variety of customers, including electronic manufacturing companies, labs, aerospace companies, sensor manufacturing companies, semiconductor fabs, and more. We serve small companies with just a single employee, large corporations with tens of thousands of employees (such as Intel and Micron), and every size company in between.

Customers contact us with a need for specific equipment, and they depend on us to come through. We provide whatever types of equipment they need, whether it’s manufacturing or test equipment, or other equipment for their lab or facility. We’ve honed our process to be able to help those who count on us.

Equipment Is Our Speciality

We not only have a large network to source all types of semiconductor processing and PCB/SMT manufacturing equipment, we also partner with skilled equipment refurbishers so we can guarantee our equipment.

Unlike classic equipment brokers, we also keep an inventory of popular equipment in stock, so customers don’t have to wait when they need something. We’re always looking for quality equipment to buy for our inventory.

We’re Shipping Experts

Due to the sensitive nature of most of our equipment in the Semi division, shipping is more complex. We use air-ride trucks and give extra attention to detail with crating and barrier bagging. We also have extensive experience getting large equipment in and out of facilities, giving customers peace of mind that their equipment (and facility) won’t be damaged.

We buy and sell equipment all over the world, and our network of skilled and trusted refurbishers gives us the ability to provide equipment in nearly every country where electronic manufacturing is happening.

We Know Equipment

Most importantly, we know semiconductor processing and PCB/SMT manufacturing equipment. We work with industry engineers and company executives all day every day. We’ve come to understand the market, the equipment, trends, and how we can provide exactly what each customer needs.

There are so many different highways and byways that make up the road map within the electronic manufacturing industry, and we’re familiar with the ins and outs of each one. We’re not engineers ourselves, but our relationships with these experts have given us the ability to understand and help them.

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