Like a Needle in a Haystack: How We Find and Test Semiconductor Processing Equipment for Customers

When a couple of customers came to us to ask if we could help them find semiconductor processing equipment they needed, we quickly realized that they weren’t the only ones that needed help. The used semiconductor equipment landscape can be confusing—there are myriad brokers, but very few places you can go to find equipment where the quality and condition are guaranteed. Customers need high quality equipment in good condition that can be located and secured quickly.

How We Can Guarantee Every Piece of Equipment

After helping these clients find, examine, and test the equipment they needed, we decided to build on the knowledge we gained. We began creating our own inventory of semiconductor equipment, and we also began to establish relationships with partners we trust and with professionals who can inspect, appraise, and refurbish the equipment to ensure that the exact needs of each customer are met.

We’re excited to be filling a gap in the used semiconductor processing equipment space, by building these relationships and really helping customers have confidence when they buy equipment, without worrying if it’s not exactly what they need. Because of the relationships we’ve built, we can guarantee every piece of equipment.

Like a Staffing Company for Capital Resources

In addition to the semiconductor equipment we have in stock, we work individually with customers to find specific equipment all over the world and offer services through our network to make sure each piece of equipment is exactly what each customer needs. We like to compare our service to a staffing agency’s—rather than having to spend time researching and finding the equipment yourself, then spend more time finding someone who knows the equipment thoroughly and paying them for inspection and testing, we handle all that for you, so you can focus on running your business or your facility.

Jake Donovan, who heads up our semiconductor processing equipment division out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area says, “We’re really proud of the relationships and partnerships we’ve developed, because they allow LEL Tech to locate equipment quickly and back each piece of equipment with the quality and service our customers deserve. We put a lot of effort into these relationships and we’re continuing to build them, so we’re able to offer more and more value to our customers.”

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