Offering 5 kg of perfluorated fluid with this unit. Tank was never opened.

Trio - Tech G-203 Bubble Leak Detector / Tester

Mil-Spec 1014 gross leak detection

Dimensions: 13.5\" wide x 8\" deep x 15\" high

Usable Work Tray Area: 2-7/8\" x 7-7/8\"

Chamber Capacity: 1 gallon

Coolant Requirement (20 C Water): 0.2 gallon/minute

Timer: Selectable: 30/60 Seconds

Signal Lights: Red-Power, Timer, and Heater

Power: 120V

Operating Parameters: 50 C to 145 C

Features: Digital temp display, over-temp safety control, illuminated controls, triple chill ring, drain tray, hinged fluorocarbon savings cover, 15,000 foot-candle light source, adjustable temp range, 30 or 60 second timer selector, two parts trays.

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