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Environmental test equipment is a valuable commodity for companies across the board.

At LEL Tech, we buy and sell pre-owned environmental test equipment, along with other semi and critical machinery. Our equipment is competitively priced, and we work to provide our customers with an unmatched client experience.

Buying Environmental Test Equipment from LEL Tech

Environmental test equipment can survey everything from a product’s ability to withstand vibrations to altitudes to temperature and other stresses. To gain more insight into the different types of environmental test equipment, let’s look at a few of the most popular testing machines and how they operate.

We’ll then show you what sorts of products we have to offer and share some of the benefits of doing your equipment shopping and selling with LEL Tech.

What Type of Environmental Test Equipment You Should Buy

What type of environmental test equipment you need to purchase depends on the primary functions of your products or production tools and what affects them.

Will your products be put under duress from harsh weather, facing stifling temperatures, high humidity, sub-zero climates, or the impact of natural disasters? Then you need environmental test equipment created to test for those conditions.

Or will your equipment be rocked by vibrations? In that case, a shock vibration chamber may be an ideal purchase to test against those potentially detrimental forces. Knowing whether or not your equipment can handle the forces of nature which will confront it is key.

With environmental test equipment, testing your industrial machines can be done quickly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind knowing your assets are able to withstand.

The more environmental testing you do, the better idea you have of your machine’s safety and sustainability and what measures need to be taken to improve it.

Test Chambers

A test chamber, also commonly referred to as a stability chamber, recreates an environment to see how a machine or product responds to intense weather-related stresses.

The chambers can test the impacts of light, vibrations, humidity, temperature, and corroding chemicals. By testing the effects of these factors, you can fix anything which might hinder your product’s functions under duress. Let’s look at a few types of test chambers.

Climate chambers

A temperature chamber creates a miniature environment with high heat or extreme cold to see how a product will stand up to different temperatures.

Climate chambers can also induce high humidity and similar effects to see how a product responds, adapting the product if improvements need to be made in light of the environmental test results.

Thermal shock chambers

Thermal shock chambers apply extreme high and low temperatures to a product. They differ from traditional temperature chambers because their focus is on measuring the shock of rapid temperature changes to a system.

Whether it is a single chamber or a dual chamber system, temperatures are drastically changed at a rapid rate, over 15 degrees Celsius per minute, to test the product’s ability to withstand the sudden change without breaking down or malfunctioning.

Liquid to Liquid Thermal Shock Chambers

Liquid to liquid chambers assess a product’s ability to withstand thermal shock by submerging them in hot and cold temperature liquids, which affects the expansion rates of products and could cause them to crack, peel, or come apart under pressure.

While this acute testing method exposes products to extreme conditions they’re unlikely to face outside of testing, it is an excellent measure for pinpointing a product’s debilities.

Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber (HAST)

The HAST method of environmental testing uses temperature and humidity as an accelerated means of testing a product’s resilience. HAST is also referred to as the pressure cooker test because of its methods.

More specifically, HAST assesses humidity resistance, speeding up the process of entering moisture into the system by quickly intensifying the chamber’s water vapor pressure.

Buying Your Environmental Test Equipment from LEL Tech

At LEL, we offer equipment to meet your environmental testing needs. Take a look below at a few environmental testing chambers for sale at LEL.

  • 2011 ESPEC HAST Chamber- ESPEC is a leading manufacturer of environmental testing equipment. Their HAST chamber is optimized for decreasing the time needed to test humidity in semiconductors, boasting enhanced sample board loading capabilities, an airtight power-pin system, and an automatic humidity filler, providing ease of use and safety features to testers.
  • ESPEC TSB-51 Thermal Shock Chamber- The ESPEC TSB-51 is a liquid to liquid chamber with features built in to diminish fluid loss during testing. It is built with key features such as a condensation pipe, a quiet operating system, easy hookup (electric power), a touchscreen control, automated shutters, and vapor recycling technology. This energy efficient machine could be a valuable addition to your testing chambers.

Bottom Line

Environmental test equipment is a necessity for testing your company’s semiconductors. Buying and selling your used equipment should be a hassle-free experience, one where you’re met with great customer service.

At LEL, we maintain clear lines of communication with you, help assess your company’s needs, and offer you fair prices on pre-owned equipment.

Take a look at our inventory, give us a call, and partner with LEL Tech for your next equipment sale.

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