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Buying Lab and Analysis Equipment from LEL Tech

Here at LEL Tech, we understand the value that excellent equipment can add to your company.

The lab equipment we purchase meets industry standards and is tested for accurate functioning.

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In this case, here are a few pieces of lab and analysis equipment either currently for sale or recently sold by LEL Tech:


Lab and Analysis Equipment

There are endless possibilities when it comes to purchasing used lab equipment, but let’s take a look at the products above to gain a bit of insight into their capabilities.

Electron Microscopes


A German physicist by the name of Hans Busch invented the electromagnetic lens in the 1920s, setting the stage for a major technological breakthrough.

In 1931, a physicist named Ernst Ruska and an engineer named Max Knoll worked together to create one of the most pivotal pieces of laboratory equipment in history, the electron microscope.

Their invention broke past the barriers of traditional light microscopes, and the prototype has been improved and refined by other scientists over the last century, playing a major role in the modern lab.

What Electron Microscopes Do

Electron microscopes are an incredibly valuable asset to any laboratory, capable of displaying images of objects unseeable by the human eye.

Whereas most light-based microscopes can only magnify up to 2000x, electron microscope imaging magnifies objects by millions of times.

These microscopes are able to magnify items so powerfully because of their source.

Whereas traditional microscopes utilize light to magnify, electron microscopes, as their name implies, utilize a beam of electrons to reveal the unseen constructs of items under the scope.

And unlike standard microscopes, these machines are highly delicate, warranting operation only by trained professionals.

They are also typically kept in a separate electron microscope room to ensure their protection and careful handling.

Electron microscopes are incredible resources for professionals looking to examine the inner cellular structure of organisms, molecules, cells, biopsy contents, and elemental compounds.

For that reason, they are instrumental in a number of fields for a variety of purposes.

For chemists, engineers, physicists, biologists, and medical scientists, the electron microscope is a major asset, allowing for diagnoses, discoveries, and breakthroughs otherwise impossible to reach conclusively.

Scanning Electron Microscopes

You may have noticed from our inventory that we carry scanning electron microscopes.

A scanning electron microscope, shortened as SEM, uses a process called raster scanning to render a magnification of the specimen being examined.

Through this method, the electron beam hitting the specimen scans over it simultaneously.

As the beam makes contact, its energy is converted to light, heat, and X-ray emissions which tell you about the chemical makeup of the specimen under the beam.

SEMS are beneficial because they produce high-quality images which realistically depict the shape and structure of the sample they’re magnifying.

They also require little prep work because of their direct interaction with the specimen and overall accuracy.

Buying Your Electron Microscope from LEL Tech

As you can see from our current inventory and recent sales, LEL Tech frequently carries electron microscopes.

With new electron microscopes ranging near $1 million, purchasing a used electron microscope could save you an enormous amount of money.

With LEL Tech, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost.

Light Microscopes

Per our current inventory, we also sell light-based microscopes.

For routine research, a light microscope like the Axio Scope mentioned above can be very resourceful.

Like the electron microscope, light microscopes can be utilized across multiple scientific fields, especially for the examination of larger organisms, tissues, plant and animal cells.

These modular microscopes are flexible, packed with adjustable features to maximize focus and visibility, no matter what sample you are examining.

When you buy a light microscope from LEL Tech, you are obtaining a high-caliber product at a competitive price.

Bottom Line

Lab equipment is expensive.

And purchasing your lab and analysis equipment can be daunting.

If you buy lab equipment from LEL Tech, you’ll get a first-rate customer experience as our dedicated professionals will work with you to determine how best to suit your equipment needs.

And if you sell you lab and analysis equipment to LEL Tech, you’ll get that same customer experience.

We pay upfront, our removal and delivery timeline are remarkably quick, and we are available to answer any of your questions along the way.

Scroll through our lab and analysis equipment and contact us today!

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