2018 Kurtz Ersa IR 650 Rework System w/ PL 650 Precision Placement System








Kurtz Ersa


IR/PL 650

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- Four programmable heating zones in the top emitter 1,200 W

- Five programmable heating zones in the bottom emitter 3,200 W

- Integrated "DIGITAL 2000 A'' solder station for rework

and removal of residual solder

- Four thermocouple measuring channels and a non-contact IR sensor

- Dynamic IR heating technology for large (460 x 560 mm) PCBs

- High precision (+/- 0.025 mm) Auto Pick & Place with motor zoom AF camera

- Intuitive operation with PC connection

- Process control and documentation via the operator software IRSoft

- Motor zoom reflow process camera for process viewing

- Suitable for the use of the Dip&Print Station

IR 650 Rework System

Dimensions: 794mm x 602mm x 462mm

Weight: 75kg

Power Rating: 3,600W

Nominal voltage: 230V

Upper heating: IR emitter (4 x 300 W)

Lower heating: IR emitter (2 x 800 and 4 x 400 W)

PCB size: 20mm x 20mm to 460mm x 560mm

Component size: 1mm x 1mm to 60mm x 60mm

Windows PC

PL 650 motor-driven Precision Placement System

Dimensions: 200mm x 700mm x 690mm

Weight: 21kg

Power Rating: 50W

Nominal voltage: 100 - 230 VAC

PCB size: 20mm x 20mm to 460mm x 560m

Component size: 1mm x 1mm to 60mm x 60mm

Placement accuracy: up to 0.010 mm

Zoom factor 25x optical and 12x digital

Windows PC

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