LEL Semi Rebrands to LEL Tech

LEL Semi Rebrands to LEL Tech

May 15, 2020

At the start of 2017, LEL Tech (formerly LEL Semi) was formed out of Dallas, TX after building countless strong relationships within the semiconductor industry through our critical equipment division. With the goal of providing used equipment solutions within the semiconductor industry, the vision was set forth by LEL International’s president, Lee Lancaster.

The newly built vertical found quick success domestically and internationally under President, Jake Donovan, by providing honest and reliable solutions for our growing customer base. Throughout 2017 the primary equipment categories the team worked with included back-end processes such as wire bonding equipment, which lead to a growing customer base within the microelectronic industry. Gradually, LEL Semi made the transition from pre-owned semiconductor processing equipment to specializing in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and PCB assembly equipment while working with contract manufacturers, aerospace companies, and defense contractors.

As the division grew, the team worked to vertically integrate and diversify services. Several large facility and full line acquisitions helped develop an extensive inventory of pre-owned SMT and PCB assembly that is currently managed out of the headquarters in Duncan, South Carolina. LEL Semi’s growing team expanded into additional equipment categories such as CNC, microscopy, environmental test, and more. In addition, LEL Semi established a technical team to provide equipment maintenance, servicing assistance, and refurbishment options.

With the division diversifying to provide equipment solutions throughout various high-tech equipment categories, the change from LEL Semi to LEL Tech was made. Today, LEL Tech is a leading supplier of pre-owned SMT & PCB assembly equipment throughout the electronic manufacturing industry with offices in Wisconsin and South Carolina. As we look ahead, the LEL Tech division continues to listen to our customers to help us add value to the experience and provide unmatched equipment solutions throughout the EMS industry.

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