Meet Us At The Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis Conference!

Meet Us At The Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis Conference!

October 8, 2021

For the first time post-pandemic our team will be attending the Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis Conference! We are excited to visit with the different medical manufacturers and OEM manufacturers who will also be attending.

These conferences are always an amazing opportunity to network with others in our space. It also provides opportunities to further expand our knowledge on the ever-changing manufacturing industry. As these events begin to take place in-person again, we are brushing up on our conference networking skills. Here’s a few tips we put together for others who may also be preparing for in-person conferences!

1. Always look for opportunities to network.

Opportunities to network are everywhere and even the shyest of people can find ways to connect with others at a manufacturing conference. Here’s a tip: don’t be the first person in line for food. Wait a few minutes and then use the line as an opportunity to strike a conversation! When making conversation doesn’t come naturally to you, the easiest way to control the topic of conversation is to take the first step and initiate the ‘hello’!

2. Do your homework.

Nearly all conferences have their master list of booths and speakers listed ahead of time on their website. Take advantage of this and decide who you want to meet! Then make sure you have a few good questions on hand to ask no matter who you speak to.  (Remember, look for those opportunities to network!)

3. Connect with Others through Pre-Event Social.

Locate the event hashtag while you’re doing your homework and start connecting with others who have committed to going to the conference. This not only gives you a great way to start building your online presence, but it serves as a great icebreaker if you meet in person! Additionally, this can work as a reminder to follow up with these new contacts after the event!

4. Always take the business card, always!

Odds are, you’re going to run into so many people that you’re not going to remember them all after you leave. Taking a business card when it’s offered also serves as a great reminder to follow up after the event. Make sure to hand out plenty of your own while you’re there too! You’ll want people to remember you so that you can potentially work together down the road.

5. Always Follow Up!

It’s already been mentioned several times, but that’s because it’s so important! Always make sure to follow up with those that you’ve met! LinkedIn is a great way to add those you’ve met and keep in contact. Also, check to see if you have any connections in common, it can lead to great conversations and build rapport. Consider sending a handwritten thank you card to take you to the next level of following up. You can send them to connections you spoke to, speakers, event organizers, you name it! You’ll definitely stand out.

Bonus Tip:

Let’s Talk! Our team will be at the Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis Conference Nov. 3-4 at the Minneapolis Convention Center! We’d love to meet you!

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