Whether you are looking for commercial heavy-duty boilers for large institutions like a hospital or school or industrial process boilers for specialized purposes, LEL International has a wide selection of boilers from which to choose. Our high-quality units will keep you and your facility functioning efficiently at a surprisingly low initial cost.

Boilers are a critical element in industrial and commercial applications across the United States and internationally. Almost all manufacturing sectors use boilers of various types to make the items we all use on a daily basis. If your facility relies on the steam generated by boilers, you need one that is dependable, affordable, and reliable over its designated lifespan. When it comes to the safety, protection, and efficiency of your plant or facility, few pieces of equipment have more influence than the boilers you choose to install.

Upgrading a boiler in your business or plant can require a large investment. LEL can help you lower that investment with our used boilers. All of LEL International’s pre-owned boilers have been inspected and approved by our professional sales team. At LEL International, our goal is to ensure that you can find the best equipment for the lowest price possible.

According to the statistics, plants that purchase used industrial equipment like boilers save 50-80% when compared to purchasing the same units brand new. If the used equipment is in good condition, these initial savings are magnified by a long life of service. Regular maintenance and consistent observance of prescribed limitations can extend a used boiler’s service life beyond expectations, saving a facility many thousands of dollars in the long run as well.

For more information about our used boilers or to ask our professional sales representatives about your facility’s needs, please call 864.249.0943. We look forward to helping you with all of your used industrial equipment needs.

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