Case Study: Ten MW Data Center Decommissioning

Nexus Properties, nationally known for their development of biotech research facilities, is a leader in real estate development across the United States. They offer diversified services within the real estate marketing—ranging from property management services to development and acquisition.

The Challenge

Due to the constantly evolving data center marketing and increased migration to colocation, Nexus was unable to lease a data center in Bothell, Washington that was previously vacated by a large wireless carrier.

The Solution

LEL Decom walked alongside Nexus to help them realize the value in their relatively new, Tier-two rate infrastructure equipment. Nexus received a substantial sum of money even after the cost of decommissioning and restoration was deducted.

  • 650,000 lbs of recycled material removal
  • 10 Megawatts of generators removed
  • 2,200 tons of chillers removed
  • 6,000 lbs of recycled freon
  • 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel recycled
  • 35 truckloads of equipment removed from site

The Results

LEL Decom transformed the data center into a building shell, allowing Nexus to re-lease the property with unlimited potential for buildout for future tenants, as well as recoup any losses while the property was vacant through the sale of existing infrastructure.

LEL Decom provided us with a great one-stop solution for decommissioning a major data center in one of our buildings. They were very professional and did a great job in communicating with us throughout the process. We would surely recommend LEL Decom to others looking to decommission a data center

—Brandon Crocker, Vice President & CFO, Nexus Properties

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