Tech Equipment

2007 ERSA Hotflow 2/20

Tech Equipment

2007 ERSA Hotflow 2/20

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2007 ERSA Hotflow 2/20
2007 ERSA Hotflow 2/20


When Taken Offline

Lead-Free Reflow Soldering

Mesh Belt / Edge Rail

Heating Zone: 143″ (3620mm)

Cooling Zone: 48″ (1220mm)

Process Length: 191″ (4840mm)

Conveyor Width: 2″-20″ (50-500mm)

Up to 20 Separately Controlled Heating Zones

Up to 3 Cooling Zones

Flexible Profile Set-Up & Integrated Process Management

Machine Dimensions: 246″ (6240mm) Length x 59″ (1500mm) Width x 59″ (1500mm) Height Closed [79″ (2010mm) Height Open]

Machine Weight: 5962 lbs. (2700kg)

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