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As your facility stores and protects information for clients, the loss of electrical power or cooling capacity is a serious threat. Your uninterrupted power supply and climate control equipment must be reliable, but that does not mean it has to be expensive. Many used units are capable of working reliably for many more years, especially under the care of a great maintenance schedule. If you are facing an urgent need for backup power or other equipment, please call us! Much of our equipment is ready to ship immediately.

When it comes to electrical and data center equipment, LEL International should be your go-to company for all of your needs. We have a constantly revolving stock of pre-owned products that are ready to be quickly transported to your facility and installed. We are always adding different products to our inventory, so check back with us to inquire about availability of the units you need to run your business more effectively.

At LEL International, we can offer your business unexpected, dramatic savings with our many electrical and data center products, enabling you to add efficiency and upgraded performance without a large investment of cash. While all of our used industrial equipment is sold “as is,” our products have been checked out and confirmed to be in good working condition. One of our used units installed at your data center represents a financial saving of up to 80 percent over a comparable new model.

While our catalog contains many of the used data center equipment available in our current stock, we also work with other facilities to obtain pre-owned equipment for clients who have specific needs. If you need an item that you do not see in our catalog, please call us and ask if we can find it for you. Our sales staff looks forward to helping you meet your needs without having to purchase new equipment.

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